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Vicinity to our South East, Asian and Pacific customers is of great importance to the MAASS GLOBAL GROUP to inspire our customers, excel in customer service and promote our flanges all over these regions. Not only, but because of this and the increasing demand of our flange products in these regions, the MAASS GLOBAL GROUP has decided to open its next sales office: Maass Singapore Pte Ltd.

The MAASS GLOBAL GROUP not only considers it a large improvement to being able to serve their customers in their own time zones, but also have chosen to base their new office in Singapore due to its location as a hub in Asia. This location brings us large advantages and numerous opportunities, simply to service our customers on a higher scale for the Oil & Gas (Up- and Downstream), Chemical, Petrochemical, Power / Energy, Marine and Water industries and Offshore-business.

Maass Global Singapore Pte Ltd. will be delighted to support all Maass' customers with Sales, Technical and Logistics activities for MAASS GLOBAL GROUP production in South East Asia and Pacific. With over 70 years of experience and our worldwide network of manufacturer plants and offices, we are greatly pleased to build up a stable organisation with your help for the next decades to come.